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Black wallnut 01-31-14 02:42 PM

Spokane Tour de Cure
Any other BikeForums members doing this one on May 17th?

1bluetrek 02-27-14 07:28 PM

Hey Mark, I had considered it, I know they are just getting started up there and could use the support! But for the last 7 years, it has been the Seattle Tour that I ride, I have some friends on the coast that I like to visit with at the ride. Next year, is a possibility tho, getting pretty expensive to pack up the family for a trip to Seattle!
$1076 raised this year, hows your fund raising goin?
Have fun on the ride!
I see you have a Secture, by the way, Crashed? How do you like it?

Black wallnut 02-27-14 10:59 PM

Congrats on being a Champion! I'm 53% there at $526.
My Secteur was a great bike. I'd still be riding it had I not wrecked it; that was a sad day and the two months after included lots of pain. I would have by now put on fenders and a rack and used it for rainy days and commuting. That said the ride on my Roubiax is night and day better and for long rides it really helps. If you are free the day of the ride in Spokane you might consider volunteering as there are always a need for people to do stuff. The last two years was fun if not a hard course. The west plains are IMHO at their best in late spring. One of the ride supporters makes awesome pulled pork and there is always plenty at the end.

1bluetrek 03-01-14 05:47 PM

A friend of mine is pushing me towards a Roubaix Sl4 Sport 105, is this the bike that you have? Axis Wheels and brakes. He says I would be much better off with it over the Secture because of the eastern Washington roads, what do you think?
I ride the Lilac Century each year, and the climbs up to the west plains are tough!:eek:

Black wallnut 03-01-14 06:12 PM

I am not sure but I think the SL4 is a frame upgrade from what I have. Since you ride centuries you might give carbon serious consideration. The Roubiax soaks up chipseal road buzz very nicely. It really is a noticeable difference over the Secteur. However each rider is different and you should test ride both before choosing. As far as components mine is 105, and I think mine came with Alex wheels. I've since built a set of Velocity deep v matched to 105 hubs for my bike. As a hard riding high mileage Clyde I did not trust the stock wheelset. My son destroying his rear wheel pushed me over the edge so I passed the stock wheelset to him.

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