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cbr9927 02-02-14 03:15 AM

Zip tires for bike computers??
Where can a guy buy 4 zip ties for a use Cat eye bike cup? Lowes and Home Depot do not have them. Suggestions please.

CustomSteel 02-02-14 03:36 AM

If you have a cheap hardware store like Harbor Freight, you will be able to find a huge container of them for a reasonable price. They often have them at WalMart and Target as well.

Richk 02-02-14 06:46 AM

Sure HD don't have them. That is where i bought a bag of em last year. Look in the electrical dept.

cbr9927 02-02-14 11:07 AM


Black wallnut 02-04-14 10:56 AM

Try an auto parts store.

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