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techman 02-04-14 09:55 PM

Portland: Please recommend a place to get professionally fitted to my bicycle
In the past year, I've developed soreness and mild pain in the Perineal region after I ride for more than a few days straight.
I've tried different seats, but it hasn't helped. I need to be fitted as to take pressure off this area.
Please recommend a person/shop that does this service well. I'd like to find a service that does this for under $100 if possible.

SlowCrank 02-17-14 04:07 PM

Bike Gallery is the only place I know of that has fittings for under $100, that said I recommend you spring for the $100 one at least. River City has also been recommended to me but I think they're a bit more expensive.

Andy_K 02-19-14 01:28 PM

I've had fittings done by "Rambo" at Bike Gallery and Matt at Sunset Cycles (not quite Portland). Fitting two different bikes, neither of which started very near the final setup, they independently ended up putting me in almost exactly the same position. I tend to think this is evidence that both of them know what they're doing, as the setup they recommended has proven to be very comfortable.

Bike Gallery has fit options starting at $100. Sunset Cycles start at $85. These entry level fits are probably sufficient for your purposes, as the next level up generally addresses knee and ankle problems. In any case, expect to pay about $40 for a new stem. Also expect your handlebars to end up higher than you have them now.

dtrain 02-19-14 02:24 PM

A little over your budget, but Michael Sylvester is regarded as one of the best in the business.

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