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martialman.45 03-03-14 02:22 AM

Portland Bike Rental.
Traveling to Portland next weekend. Would like to do a group ride sometime during the week if the weather and time permit. Any suggestions on where to get a bike and what group would be greatly appreciated. The hotel is in Hillsboro, riding level is about mid category 4 right now. Thanks for any help.

fietsbob 03-03-14 11:15 AM

Clever Cycles Rents Bromptons.. but it sounds like you want a Race Bike.

IDK much about PDX since I dont Live there . only visit the VA Medical Center for Appointments.

dtrain 03-03-14 05:22 PM

Bike Gallery has rentals. Would be better at their Beaverton location, but maybe they would arrange that.

Lakeside also has rentals (but isn't all that close either):

There are a few posters from the Hillsboro/Beaverton area that will hopefully weigh in.

Andy_K 03-04-14 03:19 PM

I didn't even realize Bike Gallery did rentals. I'm not sure what other options there are out this way. It's possible the Washington County Co-op in Hillsboro would rent you a bike if they have something in your size, but I'm just guessing. There might be some legal reason they couldn't.

Portland Velo does a group ride out of Hillsboro ( I'm not sure if that's going on this time of year, so you'd probably want to check with them.

Another thing you might try is sending a message to the local bike racing mailing list asking if anyone is doing a ride you could join ( It's generally a pretty friendly group.

martialman.45 03-04-14 06:18 PM

Was looking at the OBRA, seems like the best place to get a ride in. Will be in Jefferson for a few days too so might do one out of Corvallis?

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