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Seattle Forrest 03-17-14 10:28 AM

Support the last resort!
If you ever get into serious trouble out in the mountains - riding a mountain bike, hiking, skiing, climbing, etc - Search and Rescue will do everything they can to help you, and it will be completely free.

Because of budget cuts, Snohomish County's Helicopter Rescue Team doesn't have the funds to use their helicopter after 2014. The alternative is often sending a team on foot to carry or wheel an injured person out to the road to meet an ambulance.

The HRT is having a fundraiser on Saturday, April 19, at The Mountaineers in Magnuson Park. They're going to auction some very cool stuff (including a Diamondback Haanjo), there will be dinner, music, and socializing. They're also "selling" a very handsome tee-shirt for $50 donations. All donations are tax deductible, and all of the money goes directly to Search and Rescue.

Snohomish HRT performs rescues in most of western Washington, from Bellingham to Yakima.

Helicopter Rescue Team - Support The Last Resort Fundraiser
Helicopter Rescue Team - Donate

RamAlaRag 03-18-14 10:51 PM

I think my brother worked with them for some small filming for a video to raise awareness of the program.
A great program indeed.

B. Carfree 03-18-14 10:57 PM

Thanks for the notice/links/awareness. I have several friends who volunteer with local search and rescue teams. All are top-notch people, as expected.

There's so much to say, but it's too hard to not veer off into P&R, so it's all better left unsaid. I think I'll just make my donation and leave it at that.

percy kittens 03-20-14 10:15 PM

Thanks for setting an example to follow, B. Carfree. I was only scrolling down the page to get to the reply box til I saw your post :-D

Seattle Forrest 03-21-14 10:56 AM

I sent a private thanks to B Carfree, but I should thank him here too. :)

Seattle Forrest 03-24-14 12:37 PM

I'm sure everybody has heard about the disaster near Oso, Washington; a catastrophic slope failure caused a giant mudslide, destroyed 30 houses, and dammed the Stillaguamish River. So far 8 people are confirmed dead and 108 are missing.

Much of the disaster area has been inaccessible. First responders have searched dry areas that were deemed safe, but the mud is like quicksand, and there's worry of the dam bursting, releasing a flash flood. Search and Rescue's Helicopter Rescue Team plucked 11 survivors out of harm's way from the air.

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