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brita 03-21-14 02:24 AM

Commute to SEATAC?
Hi all! I am doing a little internet recon for a job I'm applying to. It would be at SEATAC and I'm curious to hear from anyone who bike commutes to the airport or in the general area. My search on these forums for "SEATAC" yielded fewer than five posts on commuting to the airport but did not have to info I was searching for. Niche market, I know.

What is your commute like? How is the infrastructure and traffic re: biking and safety near the airport? If possible, I'd love to hear from folks about potential areas to live in. I prefer urban but don't need to be in the thick of it. I would have a car but would prefer not to use it for commuting, if at all possible.

I do not live in Washington, have never been to Seattle (except, coincidentally, to the airport) and am slowly building up knowledge from roaming the internet. I know what it means to live in expensive areas (tri-state area East Coast, Alaska), so I don't expect to experience too much sticker shock. I've also lived in a variety of apartments (from roach infested, thin-walled, poorly insulated, flimsy, to above a bar, next to...characters, etc!) both alone or with roommates. I've no need of good schools or large detached houses (no family) but would totally go for the daughter-portion of a mother-daughter house rental if that area weren't completely isolated from amenities.

Thanks! I know these sorts of posts are difficult to respond to considering personal preference, budget, etc., but I appreciate any replies.

Fauxtwenty 03-21-14 11:39 AM

I live in Kent, WA and commute to work towards Tukwila/Seatac(takes me an hour). The ride isn't bad at all cause you can get on interurban trail on most of the ride and from there I get on Southcenter blvd to seatac. there are many ways to get to Seatac from Kent however, I think this is the safest and the most bike friendly route.

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