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peckma 03-24-14 02:54 PM

Portland to Astoria - any suggestions?
In July I will be visiting Portland, and going over to the coast for some riding. I'm thinking of riding from Portland to Astoria. It looks like I can go out Mt .St. Helens road and pick up the Columbia River Parkway all the way to Astoria.

Any thoughts/suggestions? Good route/bad route? Places to stop for food/drink?


Shifty 03-24-14 05:09 PM

That is highway 30....don't go that way, it is miserable. Near the Portland suburb of Hillsboro, take the Banks to Verona bike trail. When you get to Verona take highway 42 to Mist, then highway 202 to Jewell and on to Astoria. This is a very enjoyable route to Astoria.

fietsbob 03-25-14 01:44 PM

Banks - Vernonia trail is off US 26 .. banks south, vernonia north, of the main road crossing it.

Mist-Clatsakanie road (47) is a backroad to come from US30 south. it becomes 202.
turning right, at the T intersection..

202,north-western end meets US 101 at the western tip of Astoria.

adventurepdx 03-26-14 11:24 AM

Here's some links to maps for the route shifty proposed:

For the Banks-Vernonia/47/202 route, there aren't many services, but there's just enough. You'll find regular groceries in Hillsboro, Banks, and Vernonia, and beyond that there's a few limited-service markets that you shouldn't rely on. (The Birkenfeld store is now only open in the afternoon on weekends, at least it was the last time I was out there.) There's bathrooms and water at Elk Meadows wildlife preserve in Jewell.

The route from Hillsboro (Portland westside suburb) to Astoria is 100 miles. You can break it into two days by camping at Big Eddy County Park which is about 40 miles in. (There is camping before that, notably Stub Stewart, but nothing after.) Few, if any, lodging options are found on this route so if you are doing a credit card tour you should be prepared to do the 100 miles in a straight shot. Possible, but there are two small passes to contend with on the route.

Nick94804 04-22-14 12:22 AM

Hi gang. I'm planning on catching AMTRAK from down here and getting off in Longview, then riding to Astoria and heading south. What's the mst aesthetic recommendation for Longview/Kelso to Astoria?

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