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Medic Zero 04-07-14 12:32 AM

Green River Trail closed again?! Grrrr....

This is very disappointing! I feel like the trail just re-opened!

Anyone know how far north you can ride on it before it is closed?

FWIW, I was able to ride as far south (from it's northern terminus) as just past the bridge just south of South 180th Street before meeting this barrier and signage.

I just relocated to the south end of Seattle, and was very much looking forward to regularly riding the Green River Trail. :( I feel like the best part of it starts just south of the barrier. :/

geronimo2000 04-07-14 07:43 PM

Another section of Green River bike trail closed until December Biking Bis

s. 180th to s 200th (2.4 miles?)

Pain 04-10-14 12:49 PM

Should be able to get around it on the Interuban Trail

Medic Zero 04-12-14 10:10 PM

Originally Posted by Pain (Post 16659378)
Should be able to get around it on the Interuban Trail

Sure. But I was looking forward to riding that stretch of it, and when I reached the sign it gave no indication of how much of it was closed.

The map in the link above gives a route to detour via the Interurban, but it seems unnecessarily long, as the closed section appears to only be S. 180th to S. 200th (thanks geronimo2000!). I'll have to try it soon, but I don't see why you couldn't just detour over to the Interurban at 180th and then back over to the GRT at 196th (southbound). Maybe I'm missing something, but Google maps shows both those roads as being "bike friendly" to a some degree, and the trail remains on the east side of the river through there.

I'm glad to learn how small the closure actually is, especially since most of my favorite portion of it is still open. I was really disappointed, because I thought it was a large portion of the trail like before when the were working on it.

My concern now is that they'll expand the amount that is closed, hopefully it will only remain this small portion of it.

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