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focusdesigns 05-01-14 03:56 PM

Designing a new bike!
Hey guys!

Long time biker, first time "forumer"

I am an engineer looking for your guys' help in designing a bike with built-in features that are actually desirable. My company built the first electric unicycle on the market and has spawned into the Solowheel, the Onewheel, and other self-balancing electric vehicles out there. We've been on ABC's Shark Tank (S04E07) and now we'd like to develop the best bike with your guys' help.

Survey: Link removed by Mod.

Potential new features include:
  • GPS geofencing for anti-theft
  • SOS Alert (Text your love ones in the event of a crash)
  • Black Box recording
  • Heart Rate monitoring
  • Smart LED lighting
  • Turn-by-turn Navigation

Thank you so much. Lets get it!

no1mad 05-01-14 06:01 PM

1. We have a section set aside for Surveys- Manufacturer, Retailer, Survey and Consumer Feedback and there are specific criteria that you must follow when posting one and they can be found here-

2. I like tech as much as the next person, but I don't want it "baked into" my bike- just adds to the cost of acquisition and more stuff that could need/would need to be fixed or upgraded.

Wildwood 05-07-14 09:59 AM

the features you list don't have anything to do with bike design. I personally would not be interested in buying a bike with the gadgets you mention. But then I don't ride with mirrors, electronics or even a helmet much of the time. Your target market is likely rather small.

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