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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy
That is interesting about the lecithin, I might try putting some in my edibles. How much? Not that they don't work now . . .
See post above if you're just making an edible oil. If your making a recipe that will be baked in the oven, keep in mind that eggs contain 10%-20% lecithin. So if your recipe already uses eggs you're getting some lecithin.

General baking guidelines per ( call for the following:

"[Lecithin] is usually added to bread formulations at 0.2% and to layer cakes at 0.5–1.5%, based on flour weight. It is also used in cake donut dry mixes at 0.25–0.5% of total mix weight. As a result, its easier for wetting the dry blend when the batter is mixed. Lecithin provides:

Finer crumb grain
Greater loaf volume
Better gluten stability
Better emulsification of fats
Longer shelf-life
Increased water absorption"

Hope this helps.
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Originally Posted by Cycletography
I meant that I would not purchase any CBD that is sold over the counter at vitamin stores or pharmacies.
PlusCBD Oil (stylized as +CBDoil on their packaging) is real full spectrum CBD and readily available over the counter at some health food and other stores. But it's overpriced compared with Lazarus Naturals, Sunsoil and others I've tried.

Another thing to consider is the body's ability to process cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. I am one of those rare people who cannot process cannabinoids through the gut without lecithin. For most of my life cannabis edibles (no matter how potent) did absolutely nothing for me. About two years ago I found some research confirming that for a small a small percentage of people cannabinoids are destroyed in the gut before they can enter the blood stream. The solution is lecithin, which is a binder commonly used in baking. Lecithin simultaneously binds to water and oil creating an even distribution of mixed ingredients. It results in a better texture for bread, cake, muffins, etc. In the case of cannabis edibles, lecithin also binds to cannabinoids; and because lecithin easily passes through the gut it acts as a "helper" to move the cannabinoids into the bloodstream.

Scientific reseach not only proves that lecithin works for people like me who have trouble processing cannabinoids through the gut, it's also beneficial for people who don't have this problem. Lecithin increases the bio-availability of cannabinoids by as much as 300%. No matter the stated content of CBD on the label of "X" product, your body will only absorb a fraction of that. Many factors impact how much of anything our body will absorb, and everyone is different. By increasing bio-availbility through the use of lecithin you're increasing efficacy.
That's interesting. After a friend gave me some real cannabis buds to try (my first since I was a teenager, almost 50 years ago), I experimented with various preparations trying to find a balance between relief from pain, anxiety, etc, without getting stoned. I don't really care for getting high, whether from alcohol or anything else. Got all that out of my system in my misspent youth. But I was curious to try regular cannabis to compare with full spectrum CBD. And I can't smoke -- chronic asthma, respiratory inflammation, so any smoke at all makes me miserable for a day or two with inflamed sinuses and headaches.

I got very erratic results with decarboxylating and various mixes with oils, fats, edibles vs sublingual preparations, etc. Some had no discernible effect at all. Others caused sofa lock and I couldn't even remember what movie I was trying to watch (which reminded me why I stopped smoking weed as a teenager -- made me too lazy).

So far the best compromise I've found is to decarb the buds (in the oven, nothing fancy), soaking it in the Lazarus Naturals oil (since it's already prepped for extraction) overnight in a hot crock pot. Around 0.25 ml to 0.5 ml is a little more potent than CBD alone without getting a noticeable buzz. If I increase it to a full 1 ml dropper there's a definite buzz. Although the body adapts to THC very quickly so experienced users feel a less potent psychoactive effect with routine use, while the benefits for relief from pain and anxiety seem to persist and don't decline with routine use. Anecdotally, that seems to be the main benefit to CBD over THC.
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Originally Posted by Skullo
Do you have an informed opinion on CBD and interaction with statin drugs?
Ther are warnings that CBD can have similar interactions like grapefruit with some statins.
I donít have very much chronic pain,but the claimed benefits for better sleep greatly interests me.
I am not due for a Dr visit until late fall.
I am avoiding all medical facilities for obvious reasons .Just looking for more info on the subject. No idea of what my doctors opinion on CBD will be.
Yeah, I've seen those warnings on CBD about grapefruit interactions. I don't take statins and probably never will so I haven't read much about it.

As a former health care professional I try to prioritize science over woo. But I'm skeptical about the Conventional Wisdom regarding diet, cholesterol and heart disease. My mom and uncle (her half bother) were diagnosed with high cholesterol. They did all the usual stuff recommended by doctors following the Conventional Wisdom -- diet, statins, taking "fish oil" to compensate for statins stripping out natural oils the brain needs for health -- and both developed similar serious health problems: Parkinson's, dementia, crappy quality of life for their final decades, and zero apparent improvement in lab tests that supposedly indicate optimal cholesterol levels.

I'll probably take blood pressure meds if my doc recommends it. I already take a beta blocker as needed for migraine, which is often accompanied by spikes in BP and heart rate. I won't like it because propranolol and metoprolol make me feel sluggish. But these work very effectively to control my migraine symptoms and potentially dangerous BP spikes.

But I'm not going for the CW about cholesterol until the entire field has new research that isn't compromised by agribiz and profiteering by drug makers.
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Originally Posted by canklecat
Yeah, I've seen those warnings on CBD aboutBut I'm not going for the CW about cholesterol until the entire field has new research that isn't compromised by agribiz and profiteering by drug makers.
Thank for the reply. My doctor at the time was not a pill pusher. We tried for several years to get my cholesterol down with diet and exercise but could not get all the way , so have been on statins for fourteen years and it worked well with no side effects and many accomplishments on the bicycle.
Back to the CBD and grapefruit. The link the carbonfiberboy provided the best info yet I have seen.It seems the combo can greatly increase the effect of the statin which would not be good as my numbers a very low with the drug.I really donít want the CBD oil either.Im tired of being wide awake at two Am . Not ready to give up caffeine, donít use alcohol so thatís not it.Just getting old can really suck sometimes.
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In this case, I advise you first of all to choose the highest quality product. To be sure of my choice, I advise you to immediately look at and there you can watch various reviews and ratings of this kind of product. Quality is very important, and after looking at several options, you can already decide which one to choose.

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