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peterws 06-25-19 03:19 PM

One eyed cyclists . . .
Anyone there? Just wondered what difference it makes if this is forced on you, or if you've had it long term.
The reason I asked is this. My eyes include a little known medical condition. I don't know it's name either, but it'll have one for sure.

They aren't happy together. Both are now very good sight-wise after the usual (!) lens replacements and subsequent YAG follow-ups. But they exhibit different habits. I get double vision when I 'm tired or when I look out the top of my eyes, hence the strange handlebars I concocted to prevent in part, this event. They are a big improvement to comfort, and do permit better vision.
A correction operation at my age wasn't advised, but, in effect, I don't think the optician or the specialist took me seriously. They seemed to have little appetite for my skewed viewpoint.

So I wondered if an eye patch would be beneficial since it would totally alleviate this conflict . . . .shrug. Old age. It has come to this! . . . ha harrr! :D Long John Silver rides again . .

donheff 06-26-19 09:13 AM

No idea how a patch will affect you but I wear a +3.0 reading contact in my left eye. If I close my right eye everything beyond a few feet is very blurry. When I have the right eye open everything near and far is focused. I suspect there is some detriment in depth perception but it doesn't seem to affect my riding or driving.

berner 06-27-19 06:46 AM

I once knew a man who was a tail gunner on a Flying Fortress during WWII. Like many others, his plane was shot down over Germany. He lived but lost an eye. German doctors patched him up and gave him a glass eye. I was surprised at the time that he could drive an auto with no evident problem so I would give the patch a try and see how it goes.

It was particularly interesting to me that he was held at a POW camp named Stalag 17. There was a book and a Broadway play and movie of that name which at that time were big hits. My friend was something of an artist and to pass time made many sketches of camp life that he kept in a scrap book. Up until I met him anything about WWII was somewhat mythical and unreal.

malkin 07-28-19 04:25 PM

Keep your neck flexible so you can turn your head.

(And: Hey--I think I recognize you from Piano World!)

peterws 08-01-19 02:48 PM

You're right. And the ABF recital 55 is taking submissions! Dammit, recording tomorrow hopefully. You posting?

malkin 08-03-19 09:05 PM

Not likely.
See ya around!

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