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khackney 07-18-05 07:03 AM

Total Climbing ???
I've seen the stage profiles for every stage of the tour. However, I would like to know what the total cumulative climbing for each stage is. I know that distance and climb are the two main things I look at when I preview a ride to see how hard I think it might be. Most recreational cyclists judge century rides using these statistics. I wish that next year OLN could include it in the tour stage previews.

Dolomiti 07-18-05 07:15 AM

Just add up the climbing distances?

khackney 07-18-05 07:20 AM

They only publish the altitude changes on the higher peaks. All of the rolling sections would not be included.

Dolomiti 07-18-05 07:23 AM

I don't think those are ever published.
You could try to manually add things by looking at the detailed profiles on
Or maybe one of the teams will upload climbing data to their website? Anyone know if they do this? That would be cool.

khackney 07-18-05 07:35 AM

OK... Reality check here... Stage 15 using the peaks and valleys as a reference looks like this...

127.41 Miles total ride. Rough guess climbing is 15,843 feet. :eek:

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