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SunSwingsLow 07-21-05 04:27 PM

So After you have ridden 2000 miles in 21 days
What does your body feel like.

I mean I have done some century rides. But to RACE for over a 100 miles a day through the most grueling terrain. How long does it take for a riders body to recover from this punishment? I know some elite triathletes who take nearly 6 weeks off after they race the Ironman. How long before your body returns to some normalcy?

ed073 07-21-05 04:28 PM

You then shoot off and earn $$$$ "racing" criteriums all over Europe.

skinnyone 07-21-05 04:30 PM

I think you need to gradually decompress ie recovery rides for 2-3 days and then take a break.. Just like diving.... But what do I know...

Smoothie104 07-21-05 04:37 PM

It may not be at race pace, and certainly not similar terrain, but all these guys are riding 1000 km a week for training, when they are not racing

ed073 07-21-05 04:39 PM

Steve Hodge said: "You finish the Tour one of two ways....with the form of your life, or nearly on a stretcher."

I guess the guys who win at Zurich, San Sebastian, HEW Cyclassic etc are in the former group.

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