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superstar4410 07-22-05 04:49 PM

3rd place goes to....
So who do you guys/gals think is going to grab third place in the tour.

Jan or micheal. Is Jan going to make up that 2minute and some seconds time gap on micheal for the 34mile time trial? The stage profile looks kinda hilly and micheal is king of the mountains.

forensicchemist 07-22-05 06:09 PM

My $$ is on Jan....

Bikewer 07-22-05 07:22 PM

Ullrich is a great time-trialist, I think he has a solid chance of catching Rassmussen.

'nother 07-22-05 10:13 PM

I'm going to guess Ullrich, too. Rasmussen is all but guaranteed the king of the mountains -- no points left to win from what I read. He might fight for 3rd but he's going to be on the podium anyway . . .

Bikewer 07-24-05 06:45 AM

Poor Rassmussen! The lad had no end of trouble. I wonder if he just fell apart from the pressure, or maybe just decided to take what he'd gotten already.

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