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RacerX 07-23-05 12:02 PM

So who was accurate in their preditctions?

Accuracy can be verified by looking at anyone's old posts so let's go back and see what some of you predicted!

97 Teran 07-23-05 05:56 PM

What we do know is that all the "DNF in '05" predictions were mistyped, so what those people actually meant was that he'd be a "DNS in '06." Which, assuming he does retire, will in some small contrived way be correct.

Did anyone pick the Thunder God for green? I can't see him losing it tomorrow, he'd have to finish, what, 3 or more places behind O'Grady? I can't even think of a half decent sprint threat outside of the big three, everyone else is out.

How about anyone for Rasmussen?

I bet no one picked Popo for White, as in a similar vein probably no one would have thought Disco'd get two stage wins by two Men Who Aren't Lance. No precedent, really.

But I think a lot of people picked the podium, and in order. No surprises there, really, unless you were genuinely expecting a lot to change this year.

Smoothie104 07-23-05 10:08 PM

I picked Rasmussen for the KOM before the start

skinnyone 07-23-05 11:02 PM

I had 3 stage wins... er.. predicted correctly..

allgoo19 07-24-05 12:20 AM

I predicted Lance 7 straight TDF winning in 1999 after the first one.

Does that count?

Edit: I think Lance should use "7" somewhere in his new line of bike's name.

spasticrobot 07-24-05 10:45 AM

Eddy Merckx picked the podium perfectly this year. I didn't see any other cycling "pundits" doing the same.

aadhils 07-24-05 12:33 PM

Dang I predicted lance first, Basso second and Ullrich third....Anyone wanna prove me wrong? hehehe

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