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nxtpre 07-23-05 04:01 PM

No Helmets?
This is the first tour I've watched, but I've noticed that in past years, the riders don't wear helmets on the hill stages (which seems crazy to me with those down hills). Why did everyone wear helmets on every stage this year? New rule?

hmai18 07-23-05 04:12 PM

UCI rule change. Helmets mandatory, all the time.

SunSwingsLow 07-23-05 04:27 PM

This is becoming what Vino jersey was to the first half of the tour, the Helmets have become the 2nd half.


TheKidd 07-23-05 07:35 PM


Originally Posted by hmai18
UCI rule change. Helmets mandatory, all the time.

which I understand, but ugh, it looks absolutely horrendous to see the riders finish on these mountain tops with their helmets on.

Give me some hair, let's see their whole head so we can see the amount of pain they have to go through.

Safety and all that, understandable, but blah.

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