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Pizza Man 07-07-06 06:53 PM

OLN Frozen? 7/7/06 5:50PM PDT
I wonder if it's just my cable company or if OLN is frozen nationwide. I just see a frozen picture of Al, Bob, Paul & Phil with no sound. It's been like this for at least 10 minutes.:mad: :mad: :mad:

I didn't see today's stage yet.

Pizza Man 07-07-06 06:55 PM

And every other channel is working fine, but when I turn back to OLN, same frozen picture. :mad:

Pizza Man 07-07-06 06:56 PM

Maybe I've been watching OLN too much and I broke it. :D

Pizza Man 07-07-06 07:34 PM

Still frozen.:mad:
Isn't anyone else watching OLN right now?

C_Heath 07-07-06 09:23 PM

mines all good, stick your foot through it, I bet the screen will change then :) if all else, catch the midnight show

Guest 07-07-06 09:53 PM

It wasn't frozen when they played it at 8:30am this morning.


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