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feethanddooth 07-14-06 08:55 AM

the tours signal
im not sure if it is my tv or just their broadcast but is does the screen freeze and go black for a couple seconds every 5 minutes for anyone else?

merlinextraligh 07-14-06 09:04 AM

yes. It's a camera feed from a motorcycle to a helicopter to a satellite. Particularly in the high mountains the signal can brake up, and because its digital, when you lose a digital signal it tends to freeze or go black, rather than getting snowy like an analog signal.

SoonerBent 07-14-06 09:05 AM

I don't know about it being that often but they always have a lot of signal problems. It has to do with the motorcycle-held cameras signal being transmitted to helicopters which relay the signal on to satellites. All in mountainous, wooded areas conjested with a lot of vehicles. A lot of stuff to block the signal.


SoonerBent 07-14-06 09:06 AM

Merlin must type faster than I do.


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