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Folksnake 07-21-06 04:02 PM

When Will Floyd Start (eastern time, US?)
Trying to time this around some other things...

My dad has OLN, I do not, so I want to go over to his place a little before it's Floyd's turn. It's in reverse order, right? So what would that make the time of his departure, Eastern? (coverage here is supposed to start about 8:30am)

Just looking for a guesstimate...haven't seen their coverage, so I don't know how much of the 3 hours alotted is going to be after race stuff.

Hipcycler 07-21-06 04:21 PM

Not much.
It should be near the end.

You should be safe if there by 10-30 your time.

ericy 07-21-06 08:29 PM

Here are the starting times (Paris time).

035 DESSEL Cyril FRA A2R 15:57:00
051 MENCHOV Denis RUS RAB 16:00:00
061 EVANS Cadel AUS DVL 16:03:00
021 KLÖDEN Andréas GER TMO 16:06:00
071 LANDIS Floyd USA PHO 16:09:00
014 SASTRE Carlos ESP CSC 16:12:00
097 PEREIRO SIO Oscar ESP CEI 16:15:00

There is currently a 6-hour time difference between Paris and US EDT, so that means Floyd would start at 10:09AM.

I worked it out for someone else earlier before I saw the official start times. The coverage tends to end at 11:00-11:30AM, the time trial will take about an hour or so, so I was guessing a start time of 10AM.

Folksnake 07-22-06 05:30 AM

Perfect! You are the man!

Thanks a bunch--

Devil 07-22-06 05:43 AM

Damn.. didn't see it posted above.

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