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Plow13 07-19-07 07:11 PM

jersey question
what happens when the guy who has the yellow jersey also holds either the king of the mtn jersey or the sprinters jersey? does the second place guy of the king of the mtn or sprinters wear the jersey? or does no one wear it?

hurley.girl 07-19-07 07:13 PM

Second place wears it.

Keith99 07-19-07 07:25 PM

Actually it is the highest placed rider who would not already be wearing another jersey. Any rider entitled to more than one jersey wears the "highest" jersey he is entitled to. I think the ranking is:

Polka Dot

Not sure what happens if lets say one rider is in the lead for both yellow and polka dot and another rider is second for polka dot and first for green. One could argue it is more fitting that he should wear green.

ed073 07-19-07 09:08 PM

Green before KOM

SaintAndrew 07-19-07 09:30 PM

lol green WWAAAAAYYYYYY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> KOTM. to be honest KOM i kind of a joke to me.

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