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zpl 07-20-07 02:38 PM

Florescent green/yellow thing near riders' BB?
I've noticed that all of the Tour riders have some device attached to the bottom of their bikes, near the bottom bracket. It's a florescent yellow/green cylindrical object of some sort. What is it?



hoodooguru 07-20-07 02:46 PM

I believe it is a gps type device that tracks where the riders are on the course.

godspiral 07-20-07 03:00 PM

if you're talking about a yellow plasticky thing on the chainstay (tends to be closer to hub than BB), then its a tracking device.

zpl 07-20-07 03:16 PM

Cool, thanks.

austinspinner 07-21-07 08:28 PM

That is a transponder which chief use is to determine finishing order across the line. With all of the helicopters, motorcycles and camera's, I don't think they need gps to find out where the riders are.:)

ed073 07-22-07 04:30 AM

dear god no.....not again :(

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