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modeljen 07-24-07 08:54 PM

what language to the teams use? is it french, spanish, english? with so many different nationalities on each team, i wonder how they effectively communicate with eachother.

caloso 07-24-07 08:59 PM

I think it depends. There have been a couple of team car camera and mic episodes. In one, Johan of Disco is giving instructions in English and then repeats himself in Spanish. In another, I think it was CSC, they were switching between English, French, and German.

Smoothie104 07-24-07 09:00 PM

Apparently after a season or 2, most riders can speak "bike racer" french.. enough french to communicate with each other in the break etc...

also, there are way more bi lingual people in europe that here in the US.

NuBiker 07-24-07 09:22 PM

Actually, english became the official language that teams communicate with, this info is repeated every stage on VS. However, whenever you have a rider that doesn't speak english than you try whatever you need to pass the message.

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