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bananabike 07-25-07 01:28 AM

Does Levi have a chance?
Just answer the question. I need to know. Does Levi have a chance? And give a reason why or why not. Please try to be specific.

Olden Crow 07-25-07 01:39 AM

Last year I thought Floyd had no chance, but look at the surprise he pulled off! It's never over till....

By the way the NY Times just announced Floyd's book has made their best seller list: Hooorayyyy !!!

EDIT: Actually it made the list 10 days ago, so it's old news but still how nice for Landis.

stewardmike03 07-25-07 03:36 AM

I think he does especially now that Vino and crew are GONE.

reef58 07-25-07 04:13 AM

A chance at what? Yellow? Yea if AC, CE, & MR ride off of a cliff. Podium? Maybe if Cadel cracks early on today's stage. Likely 4th.


gapowermike 07-25-07 04:22 AM

If Levi will ride well today and have a smoking ITT he can podium. Otherwise he's always got the Oscar Perriero method available....

jibi 07-25-07 04:29 AM

No..... the team have to be all behind their main chance.... Contador


FlashBazbo 07-25-07 04:47 AM

No. Levi hasn't shown signs of riding "with authority." He's been riding strategically, hanging onto the yellow (like Armstrong used to do), but he's too far behind to make up the time. He doesn't have the explosive power that Armstrong had.

Unless Ras & Co. are outed for cheating.

ElJamoquio 07-25-07 05:23 AM

I don't think he has a shot in Hades. First off, you have to assume that Discovery wants him to put forth a big effort, and wants to support said effort, rather than their best chance, which is Contador.

Can Levi put ~3 minutes into both of them today? I don't think so.

McSpin 07-25-07 05:28 AM

If he does have a chance, it's because he's abandoned the team concept. His position dictates he should work for Contador and give him the best chance to crack Rasmussen. Personally, I think it would take a minor miracle for LL to win, so he might as well help his teammate.

dknight07 07-25-07 06:47 AM


Originally Posted by McSpin (Post 4925180)
If he does have a chance, it's because he's abandoned the team concept.

Wouldn't be the first time.

maddyfish 07-25-07 07:14 AM

His strategy up until now seems to have been to let others screw up in front of him. Maybe Evans, Contadow, and Chicken will crash or test positive.

ultraman6970 07-25-07 08:18 AM

Levi might be able to do the podium but win? Dont think so... He have been riding quite smart i give him that.


SwimBike 07-25-07 08:27 AM

Levi's working. He has gone back to get food/drink for Cont a couple times today. If anything Levi has class, is riding smart, and sure hasn't said anything negative about the team supporting Cont.

I hope Levi gets a spot on the podium, but I don't think he has a shot at winning.

marin1 07-25-07 08:50 AM

No chance, his only opportunity will be the TT and evans is just as good if not better. Ras seems to have improved his TT as well. I don't expect the top 5 to change much between now and the end.

CCFISH81 07-25-07 09:02 AM

17:01 CEST - Per Cyclingnews live coverage
Contador is trying but he doesn't have the same fire as two days ago.

Leipheimer blows.... Evans is still there. So the first three overall are together..showdown

Apparently not....

bananabike 07-25-07 11:45 AM

That's it. America's reign of terror is over. Thats the final results.

chipcom 07-25-07 11:58 AM

I'll go against the conventional logic. Levi goes up the road in one of the upcoming flat stages, Evans and others follow and Chicken decides they can be caught easily enough before doing any real damage - but they end up not being caught and put 3-5 minutes into Chicken, setting up the final showdown in the ITT.

This tour has been too good not to come down to the final TT. ;)

timmhaan 07-25-07 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by bananabike (Post 4924775)
Just answer the question.

no. i will not be bullied into answer anything. :p

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