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comptechgsr 07-13-08 05:16 AM

videos of TDF bunny hops/wild antics?
so I saw a few highlight reels from the 06-current TDF's, and a few pictured the Spaniard (wore orange and white for this year, younger chap, forgot the name) bunny hopping an island to get onto the left lane etc.

can anyone find it? i'd like to rewatch it

umd 07-13-08 07:01 AM

I believe it was Oscar Freire. Couldn't find a video, sorry.

pelikan 07-13-08 02:31 PM

Can't find the video, but are you talking about this race?

fix 07-13-08 04:25 PM

In yesterday's stage, riders were bunny hopping the inside curb of the traffic circles. It's probably only two inches high, but it was still cool.

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