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TRaffic Jammer 08-02-08 09:26 AM

Score from the arc d' triomphe
on my last day in Paris two days ago I scored this off a post at the Arc d' Triomphe. Coool.
Getting it home was easy, thanks Zoom Air :love:

HWS 08-03-08 03:58 PM


adam 08-05-08 07:51 AM

Love it. Hang it proudly.

erader 08-05-08 11:32 AM


Originally Posted by adam (Post 7208346)
Love it. Hang it proudly.

yeah whatever it is :eek:.

ed rader

TRaffic Jammer 08-05-08 11:36 AM

It's the sign that told the riders which way to go at the top of the Champs to head to the finish line.

adam 08-05-08 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by erader (Post 7210242)
yeah whatever it is :eek:.

ed rader

Hmmm... I'm thinking a sign from the Tour?

dagna 08-05-08 02:55 PM

Hmmm...seems to be a shuttle to either the chess venue or the crossword puzzle championships? :D

robema 08-06-08 09:14 AM

nice one,just painted one of them in a painting

i once took a rear f1 tyre the train

TRaffic Jammer 08-06-08 09:33 AM

F1 Tyre... wicked cool! Topped with glass makes hella table.

robema 08-07-08 08:02 AM

it served as a plant pot

next time can you take one of those red signs...never got a good look at it!

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