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DMF 09-16-08 11:54 AM

What happens to Le Tour after 2009?
As I recall from reading about the recent ASO/UCI 'Peace Treaty', ASO starting in 2011 is no longer an invitational event. Apparently UCI standings will dictate who can play, not the bile level of the organizers.

Has any more information leaked out about this and other terms of the agreement?

Fwiw, I rather like the invitational nature of ASO's events. Competition - even among sanctioning bodies - is a Good Thing.

Keith99 09-16-08 01:38 PM

I had no theard about this. There have been abuses of the invite formula in the past. I think having most of the positions filled by formula is good. But I think recently the Tour has done very well with the 'minor' French teams they have given spots to. Those teams have stepped up and tried for early stage wins or breaks which resulted in more exciting racing. Cut that part of the invtational part and the Tour will suffer.

DMF 09-16-08 05:18 PM

Neither of the American teams is a ProTour team. Nor BarloWorld, nor Tinkoff.

Afaik, the deal also applies to the Vuelta d'Espagna which ASO bought into last year.

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