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coloradogtcs 04-16-09 11:16 AM

2009 Garmin Slipstream Autographed Jersey for MDA

The Law Caught Up With Me & I'm Going Behind Bars!

I am getting ready to serve my time in MDA jail, and I really need YOUR help to get bailed out. The highest bidder on this auction will receive an AUTHENTIC 2009 Garmin/Slipstream autographed jersey. ALL proceeds will benefit the MDA.

You will not only be bailing me out, but you will also be helping over 1,500 families in Colorado who are served by the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Here are some ways that your donation will help local MDA families:
$85- sponsors one minute of ground-breaking research
$100- funds a support group session for MDA families
$200- covers the cost of an initial diagnostic clinic visit
$500- supports the maintenance and repair of a client wheelchair or leg braces
$800- sends one child to summer camp for an entire week

coloradogtcs 04-16-09 11:27 AM

sorry, try this link instead:

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