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d-klumpp 06-29-09 12:55 PM

TdF Stage 1 start order?
Hi! We will be in Monaco for the TdF opening time trial.

Does anyone have a link for the starting order for the Stage 1 riders? Ideally, we would have an ordered list of the riders so that we know who's coming up. I hope to have my wife manage the list while I take photos.

As this is my first TdF, I appreciate any help you can provide.



roadgator 06-29-09 06:55 PM

IIRC, the teams can and do decide their order the day of the stage. However, the big guns will typically be the last rider off from each team (they rotate through, so you see one rider from every team before a repeat).

Just stake out a good spot and take a shot of everyone that passes by.

A lot of teams will also put a placard with the rider's name on the following team car. Thats an easy way to ID the rider.

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