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dstrong 07-06-09 06:56 PM

Big George: "Pssst...Lance...follow me...we're goin'..." (Possible spoiler?)
Lance: "OK...can ya wait until AC is buried back in the pack?"
Big George: "Sure...just like the old days, eh?"

Howzit 07-06-09 07:09 PM

I think that the media made up this theory.

Its no secret on these forums that I hate Lance, but I dont think he would be such a snake as to do something like that. Nor do I think Big George is that childish to play that either.

bigfred 07-06-09 07:30 PM

Insert photo of both Lance and Georgie pointing at all the Black&Yellow jerseyed riders, "They did it!,.............ummmmm,........It would have been irresponsible of us to not ensure that Astana was represented in the group,.......yeh, that's our story."

Seriously though, when the Columbia surge began, everyone behind them should have responded. Lance would have had no idea if or where a gap might occur. It might have resulted in nothing but the whole peleton picking up the pace. Once the gap formed, it would have been monumentally stupid to go back to the pack to collect Alberto and try to bridge back or organize a chase.

Did Columbia's move come as a surprise to Lance? Probably not. He and the train have done the same. He got lucky, Alberto got unlucky. Or, if you believe the reports that AC allowed the gap to form immediately ahead of him, he didn't care. Either way, Astana has 4 in the top 10. The other teams are going to have to respect each of them.

embankmentlb 07-07-09 05:03 AM

It's more like,"hey, curious george, time to make a move". "anything you say boss, i mean lance".

Griffin2020 07-07-09 07:14 AM

Columbia took advantage of the chaos after the turn, as the fact that the wind was now in their faces instead of to the side. This was a classic example of a wind battle. Part of the trouble for AC was that he was on the opposite side of the peloton from Lance (and since he does not speak English, has trouble communicating). When Columbia et al made the break, Lance saw it coming and was there (he has always been good at this kind of tactical riding). AC does not have the experience to look for this kind of thing (yet), but he should be learning.

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