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Devil 07-09-04 11:29 PM

Dekker: "I want to be first on Alpe d'Huez"
Man, this had me literally laughing out loud. From Scott Sunderland's diary (

During the stage, I was talking to Erik Dekker. He was telling this funny story about how a journalist had asked him about his goals for the Tour before the start this morning. "Well," Erik had told him. "I want to be first on the top of Alpe D'Huez."

The journo had looked at him in disbelief and inquired about how Erik looked at achieving such a feat.

Erik: "It all comes down to simple calculation."
Journo: "Really?"
Erik: "Yes, see, if I'm last in GC the day before, I should be the first to start the time trial. With a good ride up there, I will be the first rider reaching the top of Alpe d'Huez, no?"

Erik reckons the journalist is probably thinking that poor Dekker has stayed on the bike that one year too long. We were both cracking up laughing and I dared Erik to put his hands in the air if he is indeed the first rider at the top.

bac 07-10-04 06:47 AM

I read that also - too funny! :D

darrencope 07-10-04 08:08 AM

That's a brilliant calculation! :)

Grampy™ 07-10-04 03:24 PM

Don't they acually give and award for last place in the TDF? The Lantern Rouge or something like that?

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