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dirtbikedude 07-10-04 06:42 AM

Listen or view Live?
It is 05:30h, the race started 2hr ago. I would think that OLN would not loose to much between 02:30h and 06:00h if they would show the race live or even with a few minutes delay but this cr** bites :mad: The leaders are already 120km into the race and I can not listen or watch live. Is there any network that has "REAL" live coverage here in the states either radio, tv or internet?

I remember when I was in Denmark they had a channel dedicated to the "Tour de France" and I could watch the stages compleat from start to end with no commercials at all.


Cipo 07-10-04 07:11 AM

Even French tv doesn't broadcast the entire length of stages. For instance, racing in today's stage from Chateaubriant to Saint-Brieuc started at 10:50 AM, but live coverage on France2 didn't start until 2:05 PM.

Laggard 07-10-04 07:32 AM

I'm as hardcore a cycling fan as anyone, but not even I'm going to watch 5 hours of a peloton riding tempo while a doomed breakaway dreams of winning the stage.

I sometimes complain about Al, Kirsten and Cutters, but think about it: We get live coverage of every stage! You're probably too young to remember the days when we all we had was 1 hour of CBS sunflower footage on Sunday afternoon. Or when you had to wait for Velo News or the daily paper to find out who won.

This is like a dream come true and I for one am enjoying it while I can.

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