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n8tron 08-31-09 11:32 AM

best online coverage of the vuelta?
Any advice on where to get up-to-date coverage online? What sites do you use?

reznikvova 08-31-09 12:45 PM

JPradun 08-31-09 12:46 PM is streaming the vuelta, live. It usually ends around 12:00 EST.

VeloNews has a live text update on the race, if you cannot watch it (like at work).

Sci-Fi 09-01-09 06:25 AM

Yes, Universal Sports:

On right now... wet Stage 4, should be interesting.

Dubbayoo 09-02-09 09:39 AM

Universal streaming is $9.95?

Sci-Fi 09-02-09 10:22 AM

Nah...that's only if you want real time 'live tracker info'/all the bells and whistles and full screen. If one is really serious about the sport/race or into stats, then the $10 for about 6 hours of stats is worth it.

The online feed is free and the coverage is fairly extensive. The feed includes some tracker screen graphics, so one can see the speeds and distance left w/o having to pay for it. And that's good enough for most people.

LittleSally 09-03-09 09:43 AM has several live streams including some full screen options.


Eugenian 09-04-09 02:04 AM

might want to check out too. you have to set up an account at and log in, but it might be worth the time and free registration.

pretty cool functions on the site.

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