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banduhbiker 09-01-09 04:29 AM

If you can't beat them, join them. Garmin 2010.
From cyclingnews

USA's team Garmin-Slipstream announced six new riders for its 2010 team today. The new riders include Robert Hunter and Johan Van Summeren, who will support the team's sprint and overall classification goals.

"We'll continue to build on the success Tyler [Farrar] has had by giving him more lead-out guys," said team manager Jonathan Vaughters.

Both South African Hunter and Belgian Van Summeren can lead-out USA's Farrar, but also aim for their own victories. Farrar finished runner-up in several Giro d'Italia and Tour de France sprints.

Van Summeren finished in the top ten at Paris-Roubaix in the last two editions. He will lead alongside Martijn Maaskant, who finished fourth in 2008.

The team will also support Christian Vande Velde and Bradley Wiggins at the Tour de France by adding climbers, said Vaughters. Climbers Fredrik Kessiakoff and Michel Kreder will ride for the team in 2010, while time trialists Peter Stetina and Tom Zirbel complete the list of six riders added to the Garmin roster.

Vaughters said, all the new riders "on this list are all capable of stage wins and one-day race victories."

Garmin brought in both Stetina and Kreder from its Felt-Holowesko under-23 team. They fit well with the team's goal of developing young talent, said Vaughters.

The part that intrigues me: Tom Zirbel. Another TT machine for Garmin.

monosierra 09-01-09 09:31 AM

So Wiggins is staying put at Garmin?

save10 09-01-09 09:41 AM

yes wiggins is staying. And I'm stoked for Tom Zirbel.

Greyfox2 09-06-09 03:17 PM

Wiggins is under contract for 2010. I've heard that Vaughters had discussed future years with him but I've not heard the outcome. Rumors have him going to the new British Team Sky.

acorn_user 09-06-09 03:40 PM

I thought you were going to suggest Garmin join Columbia wholesale :)

jaxgtr 09-06-09 10:44 PM

Still won't be Columbia. Cavendish is too fast, he'll need to pop a knee for anyone to beat him.

OrionKhan 09-06-09 10:54 PM


Originally Posted by jaxgtr (Post 9627250)
Still won't be Columbia. Cavendish is too fast, he'll need to pop a knee for anyone to beat him.

The way the Vuelta has been going, there are two or three guys on Columbia that Garmin can't beat. 74 wins on the season and counting...

Rumpled 09-07-09 12:42 AM

Man, Tyler totally missed the jump o Stage 6,eh?
I like the team, but can't stand seeing Vaughters on VS so much - he just bugs me, too smug.

umd 09-07-09 06:47 PM


Originally Posted by save10 (Post 9594266)
And I'm stoked for Tom Zirbel.

That's a good step up for Zirbel.

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