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chasingcars191 09-12-09 02:30 PM

Thor Hushovd Cervelo P3
I'm not sure if this belongs in the road forum or here in the pro, and if it belongs in the road I sincerely apologize and will move it. Today, I was looking at some of Graham Watson's pictures from the stage 5 time trial of the tour of Missouri, and found a picture of Thor Hushovd riding a P3 with not a zipp sub - 9 disc but the 909. Is test team not riding the P4? because i could swear that I saw a picture of Thor Hushovd riding a P4 in the Annecy tt of the tdf with a sub -9 disc. The reason i'm asking is just that it seems strange that the racers of Cervelo wouldn't get their best bikes, as is the case with 99% of all UCI pro teams. Not to mention the team is sponsored by Cervelo itself, not a secondary company.

monosierra 09-12-09 02:32 PM

Some prefer the P3 to the P4.

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