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Fat Boy 01-26-10 02:53 PM

Team Garmin Wheels

I noticed that Garmin-Transitions has got a deal with Mavic for wheels this year. Is that very smart? Their top o' the line Cosmic is a good tubular wheel, but it's 40mm deep. Not exactly a 'super aero' wheel anymore. They mentioned racing the R-Sys in the press release, but I _highly_ doubt anyone will actually race them. Forget about the explosions, they're the worst wheel aerodynamically. For a pro climber they're 300 grams too heavy and clinchers, who'd want to carry them around?

They said the team would train on Ksyriums. OK, you can do a lot worse than that and training is training.

Time Trials seem OK. They have a 5 spoke front and a disc for the rear. When I look at what they have compared to Lightweight, Zipp, Hed, etc. they seem really out-gunned. If you were Garmin, why would you want to limit yourself like this or am I missing something?

DXchulo 01-26-10 05:56 PM

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Fear not. They have an exciting new prototype:

CrimsonKarter21 01-26-10 06:27 PM

Garmin got more money out of Mavic, and Zipp wanted Astana. End of story. I read that very few sponsored teams actually get free Zipps.

enjoi 01-26-10 11:39 PM

rebranded Lightweights are the norm as it is.

CrimsonKarter21 01-28-10 02:05 PM


Originally Posted by enjoi (Post 10323829)
rebranded Lightweights are the norm as it is.


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