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TheStott 03-14-10 09:36 AM

I'm so excited that cycling is back on TV, I'm watching everything I can find. (I'm so sick of watching skiing this year...)

Anyone else rooting for Cadel at Tirreno-Adriatico? The last 2 days have been good enough to move him into 4th, only 18 seconds behind Scarponi. I'd love to see the UCI jersey finish on top of the podium.

tomatl411 03-16-10 12:07 AM

yes, I'd like to see Cadel podium, I think the italians (Scarpone most likely) will take overall. I loved the breakaway by Ignatiev today. He stayed very cool up that last climb even with the peleton breathing down his neck and coming in 5 seconds later--he could not have timed it better. It was a real class move I thought.

Thank god for Universal sports--they even played repeats, so I could catch it later at night.


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