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Kind of Blued 06-06-11 02:58 PM

Exact Routes for USA Pro Cycling Challenge Announced
I really wish they'd just call it the "Tour of Colorado". Aside from the relative lack of air, this doesn't seem like much of a "challenge". Not a real mountain top finish all week. The prologue TT might be scenic, but there's not a single freakin' turn. Same for the Vail TT, which is an uphill TT, but not very steep.

On the other hand, the final stage covers roads that I ride almost every time I leave my driveway. That's pretty damn cool.

DXchulo 06-06-11 04:46 PM

I agree about the name.

The route seems OK to me. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt since it's the first year. I'd say it's a better first effort than what we saw from the Tour of California, that's for sure. This race has so much potential. It has a great spot on the calendar (the spot the Tour of California should have gone for) and there are so many route possibilities. I just hope the US can finally put on a successful stage race that will actually stand the test of time.

Just think, with the Tour of Utah (, the Tour of Colorado (let's just call it that), and a moved TOC, they could have a 3-week tour.

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