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dstrong 06-16-11 06:48 PM

Yesterday's Tour de Suisse stage was the first time I'd seen "Peleton cam" on Versus.

If you didn't see it, apparently they mount a small camera on the seat stay of one of the riders and occassionally flip it on for a "in the middle of the peleton" shot.

At one point, Cancellara was clearly framed in the shot, moving past the rider with the camera.

I wish they had provided a lot more of the race from that perspective. :thumb:

Kind of Blued 06-17-11 01:47 AM

I saw some of this at the Tour of California. Very cool indeed.

It makes me wonder, if this becomes more popular, if the UCI would consider the camera with the bike weight limit, although I'm not sure how many guys ride bikes that are just above the limit, especially on flat stages.

luxroadie 06-17-11 01:58 AM

We should have speed, HR, and power for all riders. Cameras on the riders is OK. Video and Audio in cars better. Make it more interactive. Too much of the talking heads and not enough involvement on TV. More like F1 in Europe. Cooler. I think Versus (or is it Vs?) does some of that for the US races. Need it in protour. They'll finally get television money if they make it more appealing.

luxroadie 06-17-11 01:59 AM

And what would really be cool is a Pcad cam. Get to watch him buying all of his swag. We can then interact with him and covet his acquisitions real-time, as they happen.

I'm going to patent that idea

Caretaker 06-17-11 05:17 AM

Saw some of this from the TdS and thought it was terrible. Spinning back wheel and riders faces.

Just because you can do something ("we have the technology") doesn't make it a good idea.

Do I want to watch a bike race from the viewpoint of some riders rear-end? No.

BTW it's peloton not peleton.

Team Jaime 06-17-11 12:09 PM

The rear-facing shots were pretty good. Why do I seem to remember one facing forward? (Maybe there was just one of those low, motorbike shots that I thought was in the peloton.)

bbattle 06-22-11 06:26 PM

I believe those were the motorbike shots of Cunego and Sagan flying down that mountain. The camera must've been mounted to the side of the motorcycle and a foot or two off the ground. Produced a very real feel for the speed the cyclists were going down that mountain and around those curves.

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