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thump55 06-28-11 08:55 AM

I guess if you're going to have a TTT....
Have it very early in the race when all teams are still intact. That will make for some long trains hauling, which is fun to watch, and I'm assuming will help keep time differences smaller.

Would you agree?

Creatre 06-28-11 09:43 AM

It will be fun to watch the teams get shelled and end up with the minimum number by the end, that's for sure!

DXchulo 06-28-11 10:11 AM

ITTs are going extinct, but they still insist on TTTs. I just don't get it.

ralph1234 06-28-11 12:02 PM

The TTT will be interesting because it will be the first opportunity for team's with greater depth to be able to attack the likes of Contador and the Saxo squad. Its going to be a bit of a handicap for Contador once the first week is over and they start to hit the bumpy stuff.

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