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luxroadie 07-21-11 01:12 PM

Was the fourth HTC rider in - behind Velits, Martin and VanGarderen.

Finished 10 minutes ahead of Goss, 20 minutes in front of Eisel and 30 plus in front of Renshaw.

Wow. I'd have thought Cav would be a Lantern Rouge d'jour or close to it. Rode ALONE into 125 spot?

Still missed cut - valuable 20 points to lose ... makes tomorrow a big day. Maybe that's why some of the HTC guys phoned it in on a day where they probably knew the RD wouldn't chuck 80 guys out of the modern Tour?

chasm54 07-21-11 01:25 PM

It has always been a myth that Cav can't climb. In the 2009 tour he won a sprint finish after staying in the front group over a category 2 climb near the end of the stage. He just has the sense not to waste his energy on climbs if he doesn't have to.

As to losing valuable points, he's still well ahead. Mark Rojas tomorrow and the jersey is his.

SouthFLpix 07-21-11 01:49 PM

Well technically he could have been eliminated from the race today, so he's going to have to be a lot more attentive tomorrow on Alp d'Huez.

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