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YMCA 05-23-13 08:56 AM

Ronde van Belgie 2013
Tour of Belgium

2 days down, 2 days to Greipel

Terpstra should have rode with Gilbert in finale today.
No race radios made it difficult for the 7 OPQS riders to give him orders.

The team looked typically strong, as they blew the race to bits.
Absolutely the best kind of racing to watch.
Crosswinds and bergs...

YMCA 05-26-13 05:30 PM

Gilbert had decent form all week, but still has yet to throw his hands in the air since getting the rainbow.
Bound to happen soon.
I think his 2011 basically scared anyone of ever riding with him

And did you guys see Tony Martin's TT?
Way beyond anyone else's capabilities.

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