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climber7 06-14-13 09:50 AM

going to see the tour
anyone actually been to see the tour in france? i'll be over there in july and am planning to see one stage. it'll be a flat stage...would like to see the mountains but the schedule doesn't work for me.

mostly wondering how early to be there. planning to be at the finish, which is supposed to be around 5-5:30 pm. any advice appreciated. thanks!

fietsbob 06-14-13 10:19 AM

Somebody lines the roads and arrives the day before in their Cars and campers and sets up the picnic..

Going to be in a stage finish Town?. got the hotel room reserved already? I'd be hanging around all day ,

they likely have the big TV screen thing, going On..

the race is supported by all the advertising parade that precedes the race itself .. thats good for a couple hours alone..

Grave Maurice 06-15-13 12:33 PM

Hi, we too are planning to try to view stage stages 10 & 12 somewhere along the routes. I've scoped out the route on Google maps etc. and hoped to get mid route by driving through the back roads without trying to use the route itself before it closes.

My question, if anyone can help is, are the side roads blocked off a good distance back from the junctions or are the roads open up to the junctions where they meet with the actual route (D766 on stage 10 and D30 on stage 12).

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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