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TromboneAl 06-30-13 10:29 AM

Where to Find Good Stage Highlight Videos?
Now, that I've been unable to find free live streaming, I wonder if there is a good place to find stage highlight videos (after the stage is complete).

Something like this from 2012, but right after the current stage is complete.

Maybe I'll just watch last year's highlights.

YMCA 06-30-13 12:44 PM

bbattle 07-01-13 04:28 PM

Zinger 07-07-13 11:46 PM

Since Steephill no longer has free live feeds as of after stage 1, and highlights for stage 9 aren't up at yet I'm finding highlights on YouTube. I've been downloading the flv files with 'Ant' flv downloader on Mozilla Firefox browser.

Here is stage 9 and I'm finding the rest as well.

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