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oldskoolwrench 07-07-13 01:06 PM

Originally Posted by Six jours (Post 15813447)
Like I always say on these threads, you kids don't know how good you've got it. Anyone complaining about Liggett should be subjected, Clockwork Orange style, to a dozen consecutive hours of Sam Posey and Al Trautwig, with color from Pierre Salinger.

At least today's bike race coverage includes footage of actual bike racing...

Originally Posted by Homebrew01 (Post 15814230)
Those were dark days indeed.

And the ultimate dark days... CBS Sports Sundays with Tim Braun and John Tesh... :twitchy:

POTFH 07-07-13 01:35 PM

I watch every minute of the TdF and have for years. I love Phil and Paul. I could care less if he misses a call after sitting in a trailer watching a small TV monitor and calling a race for 4 hours when the winner won by 2 inches while going 40+ mph. Good grief.

rousseau 07-07-13 02:00 PM

Originally Posted by chasm54 (Post 15802328)
David Harmon is suffering from depression, apparently...

What? Damn, very sorry to hear that. I love David's call, I could listen to him read a phone book. I really hope he's able to get it treated and under control.

cassdiddy 07-07-13 09:56 PM

Originally Posted by cthenn (Post 15816047)
So I'm realizing there is something in Liggett that's annoying me. He keeps interrupting the Moto dude by shouting at him, thereby cutting him off. It's really annoying to hear these guys shouting over each other, and have Phil continually interrupt him "EXCUSE ME STEVE EXCUSE ME I SEE MARK CAVENDISH SHUT UP FOR A SECOND HOLD ON". He's done that repeatedly, and it's getting to the point where I cringe when that guy is talking, expecting Phil to all of a sudden break into his report with unnecessary shouting.

BTW, I think NBC got this one right, putting a guy on a bike to report from inside the race. Really digging that.

I keep noticing this too, I'm waiting for the moto guy to lose it. I might even be satisfied with him swearing at Liggett under his breath, but just loud enough for the mic to pick it up.

Zinger 07-07-13 11:56 PM

"In the marshalling yards and the trains are lining up in front of the peloton".

I like it. Pure carny barking, lol. That's why the man gets paid.....for hyping the sport.

thump55 07-08-13 08:09 AM

Phil and Paul are like chunky girls and sauerkraut....I can't tell you why I like them, but I do.

Rocket-Sauce 07-08-13 09:24 AM

Originally Posted by oldskoolwrench (Post 15824088)
And the ultimate dark days... CBS Sports Sundays with Tim Braun and John Tesh... :twitchy:
I know what time it is: Tesch thirty :thumb:

mattm 07-08-13 12:31 PM

Originally Posted by Racer Ex (Post 15802023)
Great job on the mic today.

After trotting out a win for Peter Sagan and espousing his greatness it turns out that the crafty little wheel sucker Gerrans (after a great lead out from his teammate) pips him at the line to win another stage of the TDF. Which is pretty much what I saw as it was happening. And Paul wasn't jumping on the bandwagon either.

After totally screwing the pooch the best Phil can come up with is "sometimes dreams do come true". Is he shilling for Disneyland?

So I'm going to wish upon a star that this dottering Lancesucker gets strep throat this evening.

My question to you is why the **** are you even watching them if you hate them so much?

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