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LuMax 08-27-13 08:24 AM

2013 USA Pro Challenge Stage 7
With just 3 laps to go, the strategy that Max, Lu (my dogs in the basket) & I came up with to win the 2013 USA Pro Challenge Stage 7 in Denver is working out perfectly. Here we are nestled right between the race leader, Tejay van Garderen (yellow jersey) and Peter Sagan (green jersey), my legs were feeling great and the beers in the trailer cooler were icy cold. But alas, it wasn't to be for 2013. Tejay would take the overall victory, and Peter would win the stage in the last few meters of the final sprint as well as the overall Sprinters Jersey.

We've got your numbers Tejay & Peter, just wait until next year!

The shot from the helicopter:

7 Riders including a dude on a cargo bike! ;)

mje 08-27-13 12:40 PM


SpeshulEd 08-27-13 01:33 PM

I love this!

Zinger 08-27-13 04:09 PM

Alright :)

carbonframe 08-30-13 09:09 AM


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