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Caretaker 09-16-13 03:25 AM


Originally Posted by SpeshulEd (Post 16042313)
To be fair, I think there were a fair number of big names in Colorado, sure they didn't all perform to top standards, but they did show up.

I'm personally wondering where all the big names are at the Vuelta, sure there are some, but for it being a grand tour with lots of climbing, it seems pretty sparse.

The ones I can think of who missed this Vuelta are Sagan, Froome, Contador, Wiggins, Evans and Cavendish. I'm not including Andy Schleck because he's just a big name.

Froome, and Contador weren't in the Giro but neither were Rodriguez, Valverde, Cancellara, or Gilbert who all were in the Vuelta.

It's more appropriate to compare the line up in the Vuelta with that of the Giro and if you do the Vuelta holds its own.

roadwarrior 09-16-13 08:50 AM


Originally Posted by merlinextraligh (Post 16010282)
True, the USA Pro Cycling Tour is a "minor race" compared to the 3 grand tours, but it's still a UCI 2.HC event, which it places it with races like the Criterium International when it comes to UCI points. If it wasn't a reasonably high level race, you wouldn't have teams like Sky even coming.

Using a Golf analogy, not every week's Tour stop is the US Open, or the Masters. The US Pro Challenge is roughly the John Deer Classic.

Did they, and Froome get an appearance fee to come? I know some people in Colorado and they are pretty excited that Froome was rcing until they figured out he was along for the ride.

It smelled of appearance fee to me. But I could be wrong...

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