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Caretaker 09-15-13 03:22 AM

Horner was very appreciative of the way Nibali contested that final climb on stage 20. To me it made his win more significant to achieve it against a rider of Nibalis quality.


“This is an amazing moment,” said Horner at the finish. “You said Nibali attacked six times? I thought they were ten or twenty.

“But ok, I agree. He put on an amazing show,” he said of his big overall rival. “I can imagine how beautiful it was to watch from a couch. It must have been unbelievable for the fans. I hope people have enjoyed every pedal stroke.

“It was too dark in the fog, I never saw the last kilometre mark, I misunderstood the last kilometre and the banner for the KOM,” Horner said of his final Vuelta-winning attack. “When I expected a downhill, it was still going up, so I was really twisted in the hardest part. I had put on the big chain ring and I kept suffering.

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And a nice personal perspective also.


“A guy of my age winning a Grand Tour, it’s something you’ll maybe never see again in your life,” he said. “Earlier this year, when I was at home after my knee surgery, I told my 11 year old boy that I wanted to continue racing but that I might be forced to retire. He said ‘you can’t retire, it’s not cool, right now at school I tell my mates that my dad is a professional cyclist and rides Giro, Tour and Vuelta, I can’t tell them that my dad is an ex-cyclist!’

“Now he will say that his dad is the only American to have won the Vuelta and the only 42 year old to have won a Grand Tour.”

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Great post race Horner video in English with a few final words of Spanish at the end.

PRus 09-15-13 04:44 AM

This picture
shows the respect after the fight up the mountain.

Blue Belly 09-15-13 05:11 AM

You have it right, as far as I see it. These races, to me, often make better races, though. I just wish the race coverage was better. Better for all the racing, in general. TDF is too much of a show. I don't trust the outcome & there is almost always a scandal. This years, Vuelta has been the best Grand Tour for 2013. Regardless of who won, it was great to see a 3 sec gap between riders on the last few decisive stages.

Concerning Horner, I hope he does what is best for him. I think he could retire now, having achieved his potential. Maybe he can try for some classics wins next year? Obviously, his age will be a factor, sooner than later

Originally Posted by TallRider (Post 16065622)
The tier of grand-tour prestige is clearly (1) Tour (2) Giro (3) Vuelta.

Can you name any big-name rider in recent years who has made the Vuelta the primary goal of his season? (apart from injury issues, like Horner, or return-from-suspension, like Contador last year). I can't think of anyone. This is partly b/c the Vuelta occurs so late in the season, but nevertheless the fact remains that some top riders make the Giro the focus of their season (e.g., Nibali this year, and Wiggins although it kinda doesn't count because he was just trying to avoid overlapping with Froome).

Caretaker 09-15-13 06:47 AM

Any predictions for the sprint finish in Madrid?

letitsnow 09-15-13 06:59 AM

The Vuelta has always been my favorite - It seems more like a bike race, instead of a group ride.

Jed19 09-15-13 12:10 PM

Kudos to Chris Horner for a remarkable achievement at any age, not to talk of 41.

Just marvelous to see!

thechemist 09-15-13 12:38 PM

I wonder where Horner will land next year? euskaltel cycling,BMC?
What a great Vuelta, love Nibali's style and Horner!

cyclezen 09-15-13 08:19 PM


Originally Posted by PRus (Post 16066896)
This picture
shows the respect after the fight up the mountain.

awesome! Thanks!
this is bike racing!
respect for Nibali, respect for Horner.
This pic needs to go viral - at least for racing enthusiasts
For me this Vuelta ranks in the top Grand Tours in recent times...
Actually there have been many Vueltas (& Giros) high on my list in recent years.
Hope to see Horner in the peloton next year

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