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jyl 09-20-13 07:10 PM

Favorite Vintage Team Jerseys?
Combination vintage - history - race buff question here.

What is the coolest team kit of "yesteryear", in your view?

The old black and white checkered "Peugeot" kit? The Mondrian-inspired "La Vie Claire" jerseys? Yellow and blue "KAS"? The "US Postal" letter carrier kit (I hear those are cheap now)? Wool "Molteni"?

I like race jerseys, but am one of those who can't see riding in current-day team kit.

Leinster 09-20-13 11:29 PM

The Raleigh colours were so cool. They kept them all the way through the Panasonic years too.

For a while in the 90s, the Carrera shorts had a denim effect, and they had jeans-style back-pockets. They were ridiculous looking and way overpriced. I wanted them so badly.

As Village-Peopley as this Systeme-U team photo looks, the gear looks way better than when the hardware store Castorama took over sponsorship of the team, and Fignon and the lads were racing in dungarees.

jyl 09-21-13 12:21 AM

I'm not usually this dirty and never this cool.

Soil_Sampler 09-21-13 12:56 AM


barnabyjames 09-24-13 08:39 PM

Best I've ever seen: La Vie Claire

ooga-booga 09-25-13 11:57 PM

was always partial to the motorola ones

Zinger 09-26-13 02:49 AM

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I used to use Wolber tires and rims a lot (not me)
And I'll either build up a Bianchi Or Mercian lugged steel bike this winter.....Tempting to get a marino Bianchi jersey if I go with one. I've never worn team kit yet and I sure ain't Fausto Coppi but it's tempting.
Also not me.

jeffpoulin 09-28-13 01:14 PM

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I'm a fan of the Brooklyn Chewing Gum jerseys and Roger De Vlaeminck.

jeffpoulin 09-28-13 01:17 PM


Originally Posted by jyl (Post 16088811)

I'm not usually this dirty and never this cool.

Looking at the mud around Sean's eyes, it's obvious that he didn't wear eye protection. That must have been just awful dealing with all that splatter.

jyl 09-28-13 03:37 PM

I just bought a KAS jersey on eBay! In honor of Sean, I'm going to make it my foul weather jersey.

sprince 09-28-13 05:37 PM

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Wool Molteni

sprince 09-28-13 05:42 PM

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Worst ever, any team USA. Don't know who designs these the past 30 years or why it must be a flag, but it's a design case study of what not to do...

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