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Ken Brown 09-26-13 07:51 AM

Rant about World Championships
Sportsnet has generally been covering a lot of cycling this year, and I am grateful for that. They were going to show the men's TT last night, tape delayed, so I set my DVR but got the end of a baseball game, then tennis. At some point they changed the schedule. The only other events they are scheduled to cover are the men's and women's road races on Sunday, and I hope they don't change the schedule again. I know, I could probably find coverage online, but I like to watch on TV.

I have complained in the past about riders using events such as the Vuelta and USA Pro Challenge as training rides for the Worlds. Perhaps Sportsnet is just giving the Worlds the coverage they deserve, just another cycling event. I am much more impressed with riders who win a stage race, particularly a grand tour, than a single-day event. Still, I am looking forward to TV coverage of the road races, particularly because they end in my favourite city in the world.

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