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guillaumeriaux 10-04-13 03:09 AM

Professional road racing dream website
Hello everyone,

I explain my situation, I have a website in my country that deals with the major sports events. I found myself a great interest for road cycling and would like to create content that would satisfy the fan community.
I am not an expert and I would like to better understand what kind of information you guys are seeking online concerning road cycling ?
(Talk about cycling with other members, reading articles, playing fantasy league... ?)
For instance for an event such as the Tour de France what kind of complementary information you would like to have.
I want to add additional features in addition to the basic news and forum that we can find on almost any cycling website.

In advance thank you so much for your help.

Caretaker 10-04-13 03:44 AM

Keep it local and cover cycling from the perspective of your own country/region. Local interest stories for example by people who attended large cycling events.

Don't try to compete with established fan sites like

MinnMan 10-04-13 08:31 AM is an aggregator that provides almost all of what I want - the results, video links, links to news stories in a variety of other publications, etc. There's no forum, but I get that here.

Personally, I don't see a need for a new site, but maybe I simply lack vision.

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